Enjoy the East side of Waiheke and its beautiful wines after a lonely ride in the wild.

Road to Man O'War New Zealand Premium Tour Customised Private tours sightseeing vineyard vineyards wine vines Waiheke Island

There are places on Waiheke Island that can amaze you even before you get there! Man O'War is absolutely one of those. The gravel lonely drive and the wild nature surrounding are astonishing, every turn you take reveal a beautiful eyeshot. many beautiful and secret bays can be seen from the top during this ride including one of my favorites on the whole Island: Omaru Bay

Omaru Bay Waiheke Island New Zealand Premium Tour Customised Private  tours sightseeing

When you finally reach the destination Man O'War bay the peaceful and relaxed ambiance will be the climax of your travel, then it can only be crowned with a glass of wine from the renowned Man O'War Vineyards as the Pinque, a beautiful Provençal style Merlot dominant rosé.

Check the Savour section and find out all the best vineyards on Waiheke or contact us and we will tell you what suits you better.

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